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Our newest collections

The newest collections we are launching with our rebrand include two styles of setting that have been part of our jewellery journey for sometime. Our claw setting (also known as prong setting) is a very traditional style that is often associated with engagement rings. This setting allows the stone to be be held securely while allowing for almost all of it to be seen from the front, it allows a significant amount of light to be let in from most angles as well as allowing a great deal of the back of the stone to be seen as well. Some stones that benefit considerably from a claw setting are; opals, amethyst, Diamond quartz, lodalite, Topaz and citrine. This setting is great on all jewellery pieces including pendants, earrings and rings. It is worth noting that it is a possibility for prongs on claw settings to potentially catch, so it is an aspect to be mindful of.

Our Point collection refers to our pendants which have been capped in silver allowing for the shape of the crystal to be the main focus of the piece. We usually reserve this setting for our crystal points as it enhances their shape as well as allowing them to be utilised for other purposes such as crystal pendulums. Another benefit of this capping technique is that it allows for full view of the crystal and also allowing for the light to shine throughout. The most important consideration for our capped pieces are the shape of the crystal but some examples that work particularly well are; Smokey quartz, amethyst, peridot and moldavite. This setting is very sturdy but it should be noted that more of the crystal is exposed so extra care should be taken to ensure it does not get knocked as this may allow for the crystal to be damaged.

To shop our points and claws collections check out our shop page on our website.

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