We are the Archivist and the Sculptor. Sisters who strive to produce unique, ethically handcrafted jewellery , inspired by history , Mother Nature, diverse cultures and most importantly the materials themselves. We use (unless otherwise stated ) 925 Sterling silver, in house or repurposed ceramics and ethically sourced crystals all of which are cleansed by palo santo and moonlight. When creating each piece we do so with love and good intentions believing that crystals and jewellery in particular, can assist self empowerment. 

Every piece is as unique as the person it speaks to , we offer a bespoke service from a change of stone to a completely custom designed piece. Previous commissions can be found on our blog page for inspiration. 

Please feel free to contact us via email or Dm us on our Instagram. 

Our Ethical Practices

The importance of environmentally sustainable , ethically minded business is crucial to the future of our planet and are to the forefront of what We believe. We uphold these values in the following ways : 

-Using recycled and recyclable packaging

-Ensuring minimum plastic is involved in the business as possible and eco friendly alternatives are used when available 

-Recycling and reusing scrap silver 

-Supporting small businesses and shopping locally when possible

-Using as ethically sourced materials as possible from ethically minded business 

-We have a policy of reduce , reuse and recycle throughout our business