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Crystal Directory

We absolutely love Crystals and they are an essential part of our business so we wanted to create a glossary of some of our favourite crystals. Through this glossary we aim to share some of the metaphysical and energetic properties these crystals, minerals and gemstones. 


We hope this can help empower yourself with the energies you are looking to amplify or imbue. We’ve collected the energetic properties of our favourite stones over time using a variety of sources, including through experience. The Sculptor is certified from studying crystal healing & crystal properties which is often used while creating our jewellery.

Agni manitite A tektite (substance created when a meteorite lands on earth) said to assist in increasing creative energy as well as amplifying in manifestation.

Chakra: Solar Plexus


- Amber is Technically not a crystal but a fossilised tree resin which is known for its healing , calming and protective energy.

Chakra: Sacral

- Amethyst is utilised most commonly for aiding sleep and assisting in dreamwork amethyst is also known to be a very healing crystal as well as being seen as a very calming crystal good for those who need help relieving stress.

Chakras: Third eye, crown Birthstone: February

Pink Amethyst Protection against negative energies and releasing emotional traumas as well as emitting a calming energy.

Chakra: Heart

Apatite Good for increasing self expression , clarity as well as being very good for those seeking guidance

Chakra: throat, third eye

- Black Tourmaline Can be used for its calming, grounding, healing and protective energies. Chakra: Root Birthstone: October

- Citrine Seen as a stone of joy and creativity, said to assist in confidence and self-expression and useful for manifestation.

Chakras: Solar Plexus Birthstone: November

- Celestine is a very calming stone that helps to promote feelings of peace and clarity Chakra: Throat, Third eye

- Diamond Quartz – (includes Herkimer and Perkimer Quartz) A very cleansing form of clear quartz which amplifies the properties of other crystals.

Chakra: Crown, Third eye Birthstone: April

- Emerald A very healing crystal that promotes hope, prosperity and unconditional love Chakra: heart Birthstone: May

- Flourite helps to remove negative stress while increasing self-confidence

Chakra: heart

- Garnet a very energising crystal which promotes feelings of love and devotion while also assisting in stabilising energy

Chakra: root, heart Birthstone: January

- Hematite Helps to ground, balance and detoxify the wearer

Chakra: Root


- Jade Purifying while also assisting in feelings of harmony and prosperity

Chakra: heart


- Kunzite Opens one up to unconditional love as well as aiding in relieving some of the symptoms of depression or anxiety as well as assisting in empathy.

Chakra: Heart


- Kyanite Assists in feelings of harmony and promoting self-expression

Chakra: throat, third eye

- Lodalite is Very good for amplifying the properties of other crystals as well as aiding in healing and meditation.

Chakras: Crown


- Labradorite Sometimes known as the shamans stone it is seen as having highly mystical powers associated with magic, knowledge and guidance as well as stimulating creativity. Chakras: Third eye

- Moldavite is Seen as a crystal of spirituality, spiritual healing and transformation formed when a meteorite crashes to the earth and the surrounding silica become molten and forms a glass like substance.

Chakras: Third eye, Crown and heart

- Moonstone Good for intuition , inspiration and the start of. New beginnings

Chakras: Sacral, Third Eye Birthstone: June


- Morganite A crystal of unconditional love and emotional healing

Chakra: Heart

Obsidian A type of volcanic glass it is a highly protective stone and is often used as a scrying tool. Great for shadow work.


- Opal Seen as a symbol of hope, purity and truth is linked with creativity and balance as well as igniting feelings of optimism.

Chakras: Sacral Birthstone: October

- Peridot Increases feeling of joy, harmony and abundance

Chakra: heart, solar plexus Birthstone: August

- Prehnite Stimulates compassion, trust, protection and prophecy as well as aiding with feelings of unconditional love.

Chakras: Heart

Prophecy Stone Both a healing and a grounding stone as its name suggests is also said to assist in stimulating psychic abilities and prophecy

Chakra: Third eye, Crown chakra

- Quartz -

Smokey Quartz Can aid in grounding and protecting as well as absorbing negative energy Chakra: Root

Clear Quartz Calming, and promotes positive energy

Chakra: third eye

Rose Quartz Helps to stimulate feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness

Chakra: heart

Rutile Quartz Amplifies determination, self control and aids in manifestation

Chakras: all

Tourmalated quartz Helps to turn negative energy into positive energy while also grounding and protection

Chakra: root

- Ruby Seen as a stone of passion, protection and prosperity ruby is also seen as a very energising crystal. It’s is also the traditional gift for the 40th wedding

Chakra: root Birthstone: July

- Sapphire Increases focus and helps in assisting in balancing emotions

Chakra: third eye Birthstone: September

- Turquoise balancing, strengthening and purifying

Chakra: throat Birthstone: December 

- Tigers Eye A crystal of balance and grounding helping the wearer to achieve greater focus and perseverance as well as encouraging feelings of calm and courage.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus

- Watermelon Tourmaline Encouraging feelings of love, assists in balancing as well as helping to release negative feelings Chakra: heart

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