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Our Newest Collection

Our newest collection is focused around an essential at The Archivist and The Sculptor headquarters, that is coffee ! We have utilised the same technique that we used to make our skull collection to cast coffee beans in silver. Coffee not only symbolises the energy to get up and go to start the day but is also used by various mental health charities as a means to stop and chat (over a cup of coffee) and discuss how people are really feeling. A drink this important deserves to be celebrated which is why it is at the heart of our new collection.

Our coffee bean collection utilises the sand casting method, where an object is pressed into sand leaving an imprint into which Liquid Metal, in this case recycled silver, is then poured creating a metal version of the original. Due to the fragile nature of roasted coffee beans each bean is only utilised once meaning that each of our cast beans are unique. We created various jewellery items with these silver beans including rings and necklaces as well as bracelets and charms.

Another exciting aspect of our new collection is our first foray into the world of apparel with our very first t-shirt. The design shows a skeleton with a floating crown, holding aloft a coffee cup with the Latin phrase ‘in coffeum veritas’ which translates to in coffee, truth. Our cotton t-shirts are unisex and go from sizes small to 3XL and are printed using 100% organic, biodegradable and water based inks. We have included a time lapse video of our design creation.

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