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Notes from our studio

We wanted to thank everyone for their patience with us over the last several months. In April we had some hard to take news about our mum’s health. Since then she has had multiple surgeries and more doctors appointments than days in a year, along with ongoing treatments. It’s been a difficult time for us and our family. Also the sculptor (aka Siobhan) has had difficult life things happen at a very busy time for the business, not to mention many commitments that had been made previously. As well as some other hard things for ourselves and other loved ones. It’s put a significant drain, in terms of both time and energy, on us which has had a knock on effect on getting things done for the business, especially custom bespoke orders.

We appreciate this has meant many of you have had to wait far longer than our suggested lead times. Practically every one of our customers has been so kind and so patient, more so than we could have hoped. We have had to put fun things we had started on the back burner and not work on projects we had planned. This is especially difficult as a creative business. Going forward we plan on slowly changing the way we process custom orders. This is to allow us more time, energy and peace of mind.

We are so grateful to everyone, from people who like our posts, to customers, to people who take part in our workshops not to mention our friends and family. We are in a stage of transition to do best by both ourselves and the people who support us. We will be having more made to order items available on our website including choosing from basic designs with your own stones. We will also be having a certain amount of slots for custom and bespoke work per month to make our schedule more manageable and get orders out more timely. We are trying to create the best possible environment for us and our business to thrive. Thanks for coming along on our journey with us. We couldn’t be more grateful.

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